Weltgeist only speaks present tense

»Mandatory vaccination is coming!« Perhaps. Or not. Mindlessly babbling affirmations and then whining about them becoming reality seems to be en vogue these days. On sunny days I would ignore it and go for a jog. But it’s raining, my beautiful forest path is swamp. So I share a few thoughts with you and add a photo from the day in Zandvoort when I had the original idea for this column the other day. Anyway, affirmations. Something like this:

  • »Mondays suck!«
  • » Better poor and healthy than rich and sick.«
  • » Mandatory vaccination is coming in February 2022!«
  • »Can’t go anywhere without a mask.«
  • »Artist life is hard.«
  • »I can’t make ends meet.«
  • »Those up there do what they want with us down here.«
  • »People always lie to me.«
  • »I’ll never find a partner.«
  • »If I don’t get vaxxed, I will lose my driving license. «
  • »I’m always sick in winter.«
  • »My boss is a piece of shit. «
  • »I want …«

The latter is the worst of all, this childish »want, want, want.« And then the equally childish whining about the fact that what is wanted simply does not materialise. Yes, hello? The world spirit has an extremely slender grammar and only understands present tense. So what should he do when he hears these sentences? He delivers as ordered. Those who are bent on wanting get exactly that, and plenty of it: eternal wanting. Without it ever becoming an »I have« or »I am.« Let alone a sincere thank you. To avoid misunderstanding: I am not a New Age chick who nibbles incense and sticks affirmations on her fridge. My own experiences have led me to the conviction that words and thoughts have creational power. Not only in my profession.

Forced vaccinations, for example.

Today, according to the calendar, is 30 November 2021. A beautiful day! There are many ways to ruin it. Consuming so-called news is a particularly effective one. The story of a general forced vaccinations in many European countries from February 2022 on is played up and down on all channels, together with the threat of draconian punitive measures for those who refuse the injection. Goal of the operation: scare a few million recipients with fictitious horror scenarios so they let themselves be blown like dead leaves from the real here and now into a fictional 2022 and live the fear and terror, as if it were already happening. They feel the arbitrariness, the panic, the disenfranchisement, the fear, the hopelessness, feel the forced needle prick, the powerlessness, the extreme intrusiveness and the repressions. Everything feels real. Until suddenly it is real. Welcome to the hell of your own making. (Btw, this is called delusional loss of reality or precognitive paranoid psychosis).

In February, compulsory vaccination is introduced. In February, a chunk of frozen excrement falls out of an aeroplane toilet through the dome into the Bundestag and hits five politicians at the same time. In February, 34 red squirrels in Cologne learn to play the ukulele and re-record »We are the world« as a Caribbean version. Don’t believe it? Why not? One is as possible or impossible as the other.

It’s still 30 November. Today. Now. So why would you want to live in February next year? Just because some cunt in a polyester suit on TV says you should?

We don’t need to discuss medical theories. Or the fact that there can be no de facto »compulsory vaccination« because voluntarism is an indispensable module in this story. (As you know: the devil only has power if you sign contracts with him and agree to the terms and conditions. Ask Rumpelstiltskin.) My point is not to get kicked out of the now into a nasty fiction that creates a feedback loop backwards through time – and severely damages the present. So much that it, in fact, can only end badly for you. Very badly.

All is NOW. Until it’s not.

A sensory stimulus whizzes through the ether and finds you. A scent, fragments of a song or film, a voice, a taste – suddenly a memory comes to life. Childhood stuff maybe. Or your first teenage heartbreak. Your positive pregnancy test. The dead dog. Your first gig. Your first plane trip. An accident. An injury. Learning to ride a bike. Your first time driving a car alone. Your first time jumping into the sea. Your first encounter with death. The first time you ate something so exotic you couldn’t even pronounce the name of it…

Whatever it is – with the appropriate neural pathways, you can re-experience it whenever you want. And again, and again. Time only exists as a physical measure for oxidation-based processes and chronological concepts. Otherwise, it is a rather subjective matter. I can let something from 1972 happen right now. Or something from the year 2024. Both are equally unreal and real.

(By the way, I think psychotherapy concepts based on the concept of sequential re-traumatisation are extremely harmful. A whole industry thrives on the idea that endlessly poking at the past and reproducing long gone pain over and over again has anything to do with healing. The opposite is true. If you glue yourself to and define yourself by some old trauma, it becomes your present. Didn’t we learn as children that you shouldn’t peel away the scab on your scraped knee, because otherwise it won’t heal)?

I can put myself into the future or the past in such a vivid way that it happens now. The most powerful tool for this is our language. Don’t forget: You don’t talk to anyone in this world as often and as intensively as you talk to yourself. And all the cells you are made of are listening and diligently implementing what you say. You will never find a bigger and more loyal audience!

Living in a fiction is possible. And super unhealthy.

It is a law of nature that what I focus on will flourish. You don’t need a guru or religion to understand that. Think about it for a moment: Will a person ever make it financially if he or she thinks »better poor and healthy than rich and sick«? In other words, living in a cause-and-effect cycle that says wealth leads to illness, and poverty is the only way to stay healthy? Can one find purpose and joy at work while vehemently affirming that the boss sucks? Or get through winter in good health while verbally cementing the status of being sick every winter? Or start a love relationship while he is soooo convinced that he will never find anyone? Or lead a happy, self-determined life while verbally affirming the status of a victim »down here« who is at the mercy of »those up there?«

Have people really forgotten the interactivity of the spoken word and reality? Where does this general indifference to the creative power of our thoughts and words come from?

And so they sit in front of the puppet stage, watch Punch and Judy, or Kasperletheater as we call it in Germany, and demand the immediate imprisonment of the evil crocodile, er, virus. They collect donations for grandma, scold the policeman, laugh at clumsy Seppl and start feminist groups for Gretl. And when in the end Kasperle hits the evil crocodile with a stick, the audience in the front row goes crazy. Animal rights activists cry out and throw rosehip tea bags, the amazon disposition guy adds crocodile leather boots to the catalogue, China immediately copies the design and starts producing half a million fake crocodile plastic boots. Hardly anyone notices that further back, more and more people are getting up and walking out. I know, klutzy old-school metaphor. But I just feel like it. Besides, I hate puppet theatre. Along with clowns. Creeeepy.

Well, at least there are a few awakened people in my life. I’m grateful for that, because this spiritual exchange feels good, and there are more and more of them.

(Yes, that was an affirmation, well noted!)



Text and picture: Kathrin Elfman © 2021 Reblogging/re-posting/link sharing welcome at any time. Any use and reproduction, even in part, as well as editing and/or commercial reuse is prohibited.

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