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How honest do you want it?

How can you whine about Fake News while you are Fake News personified? Yes you, dear reader, who bends beyond recognition; a housebroken, domesticated, potty-trained people pleaser, censoring himself and onion-layerly revealing only what lets him slither through the day as smoothly as possible. Just don’t say anything deep. Why, oh why not?

The lockdown in your head, or: Is there life after mask?

In the foreseeable future, you will no longer be able to use the »I’m just following the rules« alibi and hide behind an imaginary authority, but will once again be personally (!) responsible for what you say, think and do. Then what? You can throw away the masks, sure, but what do you do with the mask in your head?

The Covidalist, his G-Sport, and the Anti-Mensch-Machine

The unthinkable has become normality: in the midst of modern cosmopolitan Europe, millions of people are converting to a deeply malignant death cult characterised by Stone Age superstition, strict segregation, and invasive rituals of subjugation…

Weltgeist only speaks present tense

»Mandatory vaccination is coming!« Or not. Mindlessly babbling affirmations and then whining about them becoming reality seems to be en vogue these days. On sunny days I would ignore it and go for a jog. But it’s raining, my beautiful forest path is swamp, and I’d rather share a few thoughts with you. So, affirmations…

11 tricks creative people can fall for, but don’t have to

Paradox: There are musicians, writers, photographers and other  creative people who share memes on social media like »I am an artist, that does not mean I work for free« and yet do exactly that: work for free. Why? Let’s try and find an answer…

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